Dec 22, 2017

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How to check your roof condition

How to check your roof condition

A Roof Repair Coweta Storm Damage Repair Tulsa or shingle has an ‘age’ between 20 to 30 years. If the age of 40 years or more will certainly appear a lot of problems, can leak, crack, loose or collapse. Even according to The National Roofing Contractors Organization (NRCA), the roof of the house ideally checked twice in a year. In the meantime, don’t forget to also check the trusted Roofer Storm Damage Repair near you, if you wish a lot of repairs on your roof after a heavy storm.

Well, here is the right way to check the roof of the house. If you see the five signs as mentioned below on the roof of your house, better fix immediately:

Begin checking from inside the house. Take a flashlight and check the roof from the attic. Then check the place where the roof deck is sagging. See signs or possible leaks, or find outer light coming in from the roof and dark spots.

Then check the roof of the house from the outside. Check if any part of the board is missing, damaged, curled or overgrown with moss. The appearance of mosses and fungi that are getting thick and difficult to clean, also a sign that the roof and roof tiles need immediate repair. There is an improper water flow and trigger leakage must be addressed because it will spread to the other roof.

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