Dec 22, 2017

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Tips for buying the light steel roof

Tips for buying the light steel roof

Before buying, consumers need to be more thorough. Thorough in recognizing the material and lightweight steel roof truss system as a whole, not just an offer from a supplier or contractor. To understand lightweight steel roof truss then we must first understand that this product is a product structure that sustains the load of roof, wind, and life under the roof later. This can also affect the future possibility of your necessity to hire Storm Damage Repair Owasoo.

When choosing, there are 4 main components in lightweight steel roof truss that you should pay attention to:

The strength of steel materials.

Steel materials have varying degrees of strength. Currently, the best is mild steel which has G550 specification or 550 Mpa melting voltage.

This material is different from conventional steel, which has a melting voltage of 300 Mpa (G300).

But because the basic nature of steel is rusty, then this steel must also be given protection against rust.

There are two types of protection; galvanized or a zinc-coated upholstery, and zinczlume made from a mixture of zinc, aluminum, and silicon.

Observe the design and structure calculations.

There are several types of lightweight steel roof truss provider. Many well-known manufacturers are using special software to design roof truss designs and calculate their power levels. Meanwhile, some other manufacturers do not use the software.

The software is believed to be able to calculate the level of order strength in more detail. In fact, in the software, it can be simulated lateral roof frame load.

From this software, among others, a detailed working picture is produced that shows the frame dimension, connection type and the number of screws in each connection.

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